We have been growing strawberries for more than 30 years.

Our nursery specializes only in the production of strawberry seedlings, which are sold in all Europe.

Thanks to our expertise and specialization, our seedlings are:

  • Healthy, free from diseases and pests
  • Pure in terms of their varieties
  • Strong, they root well and have high yields
  • Of good varieties, ensuring tasty fruit, adapted to weather and soil conditions and various production methods (cultivation in soil, gutters and screen profiles) and purposes (retail trade, processing, production for own needs)
  • Of Green and Frigo types, which enables farmers to match the fruit-bearing period and the yield to their needs in the first year after planting.



All our seedlings have the Qualification Certificate which guarantees their health and varietal purity. The plant nursery is legally entitled to sell the seedlings within the entire European Union. However, the best evidence of their quality are successful yields delivered by our customers.

Seedlings are protected by using suitable cultivation and control methods:

  • Initial propagation material of the highest health grade is sourced only from certified Nuclear Stock Association
  • Seedlings come from young, one-year mother plants.
  • During the cultivation of seedlings:
    • strawberry inflorescences are removed from mother plants;
    • we perform the process of negative selection, leaving only the strongest plants;
    • we apply rigorous protective procedures against plant diseases and pests.
  • Plantations are under the permanent supervision of the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection. The above entails comprehensive testing of the soil before establishing a mother plantation, regular inspections of the plantation during plant growth and final laboratory assessments of the plants’ health and of the presence of pests before the seedlings are dug up and sold.