Malling Opal

Everbearing, all-season
Variety additional features
New in Poland
Hanging, climbing
Crown diameter 6-20 mm and more (mainly 10-15 mm)
Variety purpose
Dessert type
For processing
B (crown diameter 6-9 mm)
A (crown diameter 10-14 mm)
A+ (crown diameter 15 - 20 mm)
A++ (crown diameter above 20 mm)

Licensed Variety
Variety description

A new everbearing variety. Fruits from around mid-June to autumn frosts. Fruits are attractive, tasty, aromatic, evenly coloured and quite firm. Resistant to frost.

Fruiting time: Variety repeating fruiting. It allows harvest from the end of May, until late autumn, until the first frosts, which usually take place in October.

Size and shape of fruits: Quite large. Attractive, with a conical shape and an evenly coloured.

Taste and firmness: Malling Opal strawberries are delicious and aromatic. Fruits are quite firm, with a juicy texture and sweet taste.

Productivity: A variety of good fertility.

Plant type: Average strength of growth.

Resistance: Moderately resistant to powdery mildew (Podosphaera aphanis). Resistant to frost, suitable for growing in European climatic conditions.

Purpose: Good as a dessert variety and for processing. Relatively well behaves in transport, this is why it is recommended for all types of sales.

Cultivation type: For traditional and controlled-environment cultivation.

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