Variety additional features
Polish variety
Crown diameter 6-20 mm and more (mainly 10-15 mm)
Variety purpose
Dessert type
For processing
B (crown diameter 6-9 mm)
A (crown diameter 10-14 mm)
A+ (crown diameter 15 - 20 mm)
A++ (crown diameter above 20 mm)

Licensed Variety
Variety description

Elsariusz is a variety distinguished by high yield and very firm, large fruits with health benefits.

Fruiting time: Early variety, usually fruits from the beginning of June to the end of June.

Size and shape of fruits: Large and very large, wide cone- or heart-shaped.

Taste and firmness: Very firm, intensively red, with a slightly lighter tip, moderately glossy. With health benefits (contains vitamin C, anthocyanins).

Productivity: The variety blooms profusely and brings high yield.

Plant type: Characterized by moderately intensive growth, compact habit.

Resistance: Elsariusz strawberry fruit is resistant to grey mould (botrytis cinerea). The variety shows high resistance to leaf scorch (diplocarpon earlianum) and common leaf spot (mycosphaerella fragariae) and is moderately susceptible to powdery mildew (sphaerotheca macularis). Fairly resistant to frost.

Purpose: Typically dessert or for processing variety.


*The Elsariusz variety is protected by an exclusive variety right. It illegal reproduction (including for the own needs), sale without the consent of the owner of this variety (Research Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice) granted in the form of a license agreement constitutes an offence. The plants can be used only for the production of fruit.

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